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Samuli Taskila,

Registered Rights

Everyone in the register has the right to check their data stored in the register and to demand any incorrect information to be corrected or incomplete information to be supplemented. The registered also has the right to request the deletion of their personal data from the register.

Personal Data

We deal with the personal information we receive from the Entis newsletter and the contact form on, based on the consent of the person. A person's consent occurs when they subscribe to a newsletter and proceed through a two-step verification or, for example, when entering their information through a contact form.

The purpose of the newsletter is to send marketing messages and insect food recipes to our customers. The information is provided via the newsletter subscription form and the information we store is the subscriber's name and email address. We use Mailchimp to send newsletters, which also includes information about opening a letter and clicking links or pictures. The newsletter subscription can be canceled through the "cancel newsletter subscription" link at the end of the newsletter.

The information we receive through the contact form is your name, phone number, and email address, but all three of them are completely voluntary. The information is used for answering the message and possible contact after that.

Registry protection

We are attentive to the handling of the registers and the data is properly protected. Registers can only be viewed and processed by persons whose job description they belong to.

Data transfer

We will not disclose personal information outside Entomophagy Solutions Oy. The services of Squarespace, Facebook and Mailchimp can be used to transfer data stored there outside the EU or the EEA. These US-based software companies have joined the Privacy Shield system.


Our site collects information about the visit. The collected data is used for visitor tracking to develop the service. To collect this information, the site uses cookies. Cookies are files stored by a browser that allows the browser to be identified during the next visit. If you do not want your browser to use cookies, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are not used, or use the browser in private mode.